Stone tiles and pavers add elegance and style to any home. In Australia, they’re cultural icons, and some of the most beautiful home interiors and exteriors are all stone-based design. To get the best out of your stone and home design ideas, there are some good options. Natural stone is a true creative stimulus for professional designers. When you check out the beautiful new modern tiles, stone cladding, slate tiles and pavers, you’ll see why.

Stone interiors

There’s no limit to the design possibilities of stone interiors. If you’ve seen the stone interiors in some top designer homes, you’d think the designer and home owners had decided to produce the most beautiful place possible, regardless of expense. That’s not the case. Stone is the preferred choice of many designers specifically because of its good cost effectiveness as a building material.

Stone will outlast any other material. Compare that to the cost of replacing flooring alone every few years, and you can see the economics at work. Stone tiles are now even becoming a preferred material for residential rental properties, for purely cost-based reasons. All they’ll ever need is basic restoration.

Stone exteriors

The same economics and design factors apply for exteriors as interiors. The many types of external stone lend themselves to great design. Stone as both a building material and as a facing actively protects interior structures. For durability and resistance to extremes of climate, there’s nothing like stone.

Stone landscaping

Stone is a great landscaping material, perfect for any purpose from retaining walls to pavers for garden paths and cladding for architectural features. It’s the perfect design medium, because stone is also eco-friendly and suits many different types of plants as an environment.

Tiles, pavers and mosaics

Stone tiles go with everything, and you’ll find that any design issues are suddenly very simple. The top designers prefer to work with stone, because of the excellent design quality they bring to any job. Stone has character and elegance unlike any other design medium, and it shows.

Bluestone, cobblestone, limestone, travertine, sandstone or granite tiles and pavers are the builder or architect’s choice. They’re tough, good-looking and dependable in all environments. One look at these pavers will say everything. They’re also extremely cost efficient, needing little or no maintenance.

Stone mosaics are a true art form, one of the oldest decorative features of all. A mosaic design, either a decorative feature or a professional artistic inlay, is a joy in any home. If you have the time, check out your options, because these mosaics are truly magical.

Designing with stone

Stone was the original construction medium for the great architects and designers of the past. It’s now the preferred medium for whole new classes of design and building. Stone roofs, stone walls and stone flooring are yet again becoming known as great design choices. The difference with modern stone is the huge range of colours, types of stone, and construction capabilities.

When working with stone in any medium, you’re working with the world’s best materials. You’ll find designing with stone inspirational, and a lot of fun.