BLUESTONE Flooring Tiles & Wall Cladding


Bellambi bluestone has a beautiful uniform and soft mid-grey surface with only small 'pin prick' sized micro holes on its surface that are invisible to the eye. Most other, less dense types of bluestone (basalt)  have much larger and very pronounced surface holes which tend to gather dirt and grease - they also weaken the stone. Bellambi Bluestone is ideal for indoor use on both floors and walls.

600x400x15mm tiles

 a surface finish that involves sandblasting and then brushing resulting in an elegant, soft leather-like finish.

600x400x15mm tiles

The least intensive surface treatment requiring very little processing so it is a very cost effective surface for outdoor paving.

600x400x15mm tiles

A dark grey black surface colour with a velvet appearance suited to indoor wall and flooring - a stunning product. A slightly lighter coloured option is also available.


Bellambi Bluestone is available in honedsawn or Sandblasted & Brushed form. It is not available with a flamed finish as the flaming has a propensity to cause cracking in a small but significant percentage of pieces. The cracks are really small and hard to detect but they are structural so we choose not to buy that material. Mali bluestone however, has wonderful strength in flamed form, so we have great confidence in it.


  • Extremely Dense
  • Low water absorption rates
  • Does not scratch easily
  • No evidence of moisture sensitivity found in our independent test results
  • Impressive Durability